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Total Roof Repair was founded by Fred Lempe.  It seems that roofing was destiny for Fred; he had a couple of friends that were roofers.  Fred started
roofing with them in 1986 for fun, and fell in love with working with his hands and the fact that he could take pride in his work at the end of the day.
Fred still to this day remembers his grandfather telling him as a child in the 1970's, "Take pride in you work son, whatever you are doing,
even if your digging a ditch". Fred took this advice with great importance because his grandfather, Major E. Jones was known as the best
auto body mechanic around Smithfield, NC. Just ask anybody around that remembers him.
In 1991 at the age of 23, Fred started his own roofing company.  After Fred had been roofing for a while he saw a need for roof repair, a concept that roofing companies
cringed at, and understandingly.  Roofing companies were just that, roofing companies that had designed their crews for roof installation and replacements.  They did not
have the time to pull their crews to do a little repair job, it just wasn't profitable.  Fred saw times were the roof wasn't that old but had things like fallen braches or faulty
workmanship that was causing a leak that needed to be fix professionally.  Back in that day it was nearly impossible to get a roofer to come by to look at a repair.  Fred
recalls being at the supply company and hearing roofer after roofer complain about repair calls and that they just wanted to replace the whole roof.  Fred knew that these
customers had a real need that wasn't getting fulfilled.  Lots of times the customer would try to fix their roofs themselves or get anyone they knew to get up there and
throw some tar on it, if they could find the leak.

So in 1995 Fred started doing roof repairs.  Fred has seen it all from shingle repairs to huge commercial roofs in despair to hurricanes ripping communities apart.  That's
right, Fred was right there helping rebuild after Hurricane Fran.  "It was a catastrophe", Fred recalls.

Today Fred and Total Roof Repair are still committed to setting the standards for taking care of customer needs with professional roof repair and maintenance services.

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